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My work is a rich mixture of color, form and light, rooted in an American/Jamaican/European culture. I was fascinated by West Indian painters whose work was in galleries in the area that I lived near Mona and Devon House in Kingston, Jamaica. Color dominates my paintings capturing fleeting moments, the slices of our everyday existence, from the urban landscape of New York, to the rural of the Caribbean countryside, the traditional to the banal. I portray the complexities of each environment delving into their emotional and compositional contradictions.

My work is figurative, sometimes abstract depending on the medium and subject matter. My subject matter is as varied as my manner in which I work with the medium. I depict urban scenes from NYC , landscapes from the Caribbean, to situations, still lives, musicians , dancers, the religious to the banal in brush, pencil, pastels, ink, watercolor, on canvas or paper in printmaking or oils. Drawings, paintings and prints blend formal styles with the contemporary. My murals are an extension of how I work on canvas.

My process is sometimes spontaneous, sometimes planned. This depends again on the medium Usually there is an image in mind that I want to portray. The photographic images that I use are my photos, or those off friends. As the artwork changes, evolves through the medium in the layering of paint whether in oils, acrylics or watercolors. Works on paper such as mixed media, collage or printmaking, are broken up into parts of images while others come together This is a plays a larger role in my printmaking/collage process. I feel that my work always evolves, the dominant element being vibrant color.

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